About this collection

When we decided to create a range of floral artworks, we were committed to bringing the values that we each held in our own businesses to this venture.  One of the values was a commitment to using only locally grown flowers. That value guided our floral choices for our first collection.  We wanted vibrant, luscious blooms that would suit our mutual love for a dark, moody and rich aesthetic.  So in this first collection, you will find the following flowers, all grown in and around New South Wales:



David Austins



Paper daisies



Golden roses




We wanted the artworks to tell a story – a story of Sydney in winter. We started with a full arrangement, creating an image overflowing with deep colours and vibrant florals, from there we shifted focus to showcase one or two special pieces while keeping them in the context of the original artwork. Finally, we focussed on a few select stems to showcase their incredible beauty.


We have loved creating this collection and we hope you love what we have created.


Zoë & Elise x



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